How to Price an ATV on Kelley Blue Book


Kelley Blue Book has been the main referral for pricing trucks and cars for over 50 years. Now that motorcycles and ATVS have gained popularity, the guide at an ATV on Kelley Blue Book has expanded as well. This makes it easy to find the general price of a used ATV whether you are doing a trade-in, private sale, or retail purchase.

Identify the make, model, year, and what kind of value you are looking to receive when buying or selling. Motorcycles and ATVs are listed in the same category, so it’s important to be sure to choose the correct information. When purchasing an ATV from a dealer, the trade-in value is vital because that is the amount that will be subtracted off of the selling price. A retail value will inform you on the approximate amount a dealership is asking for ATVs that are similar to the one you have.

Once you have found the “Motorcycle Values” box, click on the “Motorcycles” link or the picture beside it. Select the trade-in or retail value option and use the “Motorcycle Store” link if looking to find a dealer.

Enter the year and model being sure not to confuse the ATVs and scooters listed together.

If you are unaware of the manufacturer, the “Search Here by Model Name” lets you browse a list of all models and corresponding manufacturers by production year.

Each model will also be listed by its first letter. On the next page, the trade-in or retail price will be displayed along with a short summary about the type of engine it has. Most values are referring to vehicles in good or excellent condition without factoring in mileage or added features.atv on kelley blue book

You can view the average amount of miles expected at the age of the one you desire by selecting the link title “Mileage/Condition”. Also, get a price that includes any added features by clicking the “Additional Equipment” link.

Don’t forget that the values of an ATV on Kelley Blue Book are an approximated price based off the best condition of an ATV. Location and condition can alter the value.

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