How To Use The NADA Blue Book Value To Estimate The Actual Value of a Used Car

Nada Blue Book used cars

If you’re looking for a reasonable trade-in value for your car, then your best choice to start with is the National Automobile Dealers Association or NADA. Planning to get a new car? You’ll have to determine first how much money you’ll have to make before you trade in your older pre-owned car.

In this juncture, you can also use the NADA valuation guide to check out the value of your secondhand car. Here is a guide to help you make use of the NADA guide to help you determine how much your used car costs when you trade it in for a new one.

nadaFirst off, log on to the NADA website and select ‘New and Used Car Pricing’, you’ll find it in the Consumer section.

Go to the Car Research department and click on the tab for ‘New ad Used Car Center’.

Choose your car’s make and the model that you want to trade in for it; don’t forget the year as well. You have to provide all the accurate information needed for each blank field so you’ll get the most reasonable and accurate trade in value as well.

As for the car’s trim, this is the car’s style basically, and the car’s trim enables the reference site to determine the value of standard features for every specific model.

Type in the mileage of the car and tick all of the equipments that are applicable for your car’s model. Bear in mind that NADA selects all these options in advance especially if they’re standard; but of course, you’ll have to add in additional accessories if necessary.

The next step is to select ‘Continue’ so that you can take a good look at the report for trade in price free of charge.

There are four values presented in the NADA Guide. If you know firsthand that your car is physically not in a very good shape, then you have to make use of the rough value. The average value speaks for itself, and if your car is in great shape, the clean valuation would be your best choice. Aside from the NADA price guide, you can also make use of the Edmunds and the Kelley Blue Book for cars as well. Make some comparisons so you’ll have an extensive knowledge of what your car is really worth.

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