How To Use The NADA Guide for Determining Automobile Values

NADA Guide

The primary organization which caters to car pricing for both second-hand and brand-new vehicles is the NADA or the National Automobile Dealers Association.With the guide, in its printed issues and website, consumers are able to determine accurate car values, and of course, it guides potential buyers on coming up with a good estimate on a car that they’re planning to check out and buy. Whether you’re planning to purchase a classic, vintage, or a brand-new car, the NADA guide is a good place to start as a reference when it comes to accurate car values.

All you have to do is log on to the NADA website, The site shall provide you important links to the three big branches of the organization. These are the Dealer’s, Consumer’s and Business associations.

Get to know the services of each aspect so you won’t get lost in translation as you navigate through the site.

Click the ‘Consumer’ tab so you will be navigated to car values. This tab will lead you to the consumer-related page, which offers various estimates for used and new cars that are put up for sale.

You can also get preliminary appraisals from this part of the website for the car that you own and you’re planning to put up for sale.

On the Business section, you can download the software, e-Valuator. This gives you an in-depth, updated guide to present car value trends. Before doing this, you have to subscribe first to the NADA online to get the installer for the e-Valuator.

If you are in tune for prices of cars that somehow resemble what you have in hand, go back to the Consumer category and click on the ‘Car Prices’ tab.

NAda guide local car dealerScan and skim these prices so you’ll get a head start on  your car’s nearest accurate value. Some of the most important factors to consider than can affect your car’s market value is the level of body damage if there is any, mileage, and its actual selling price of course.

If you want a price guide exclusively for your own use, you can purchase the NADA price guide. There’s a link that will navigate you to it and since it’s available online, it’s updated accordingly. Subscribers of the NADA guide get an update for their purchase once a month. When you pay for a subscription, you get ‘dealer only’ privileges on other vehicle types such as trucks, RVs, vintage cars, and even farm equipment.

You should also be aware that even if the NADA guides that are available online in standard form can cater to your assessment needs but the standard free subscription does not have all the updates that an exclusive subscription has to offer. For instance, if you had your car customized, its value may be higher than its regular price. The NADA guide is going to provide you with a sizable estimate, but if you want an accurate estimate, the expertise of a trained car appraiser is needed.

Determining the trade in value car through the NADA Guide

Aside from determining the potential market value of your car, the NADA guide can also come up with your car’s trade-in value. If you have plans to purchase a new car and you have to come up with the money to buy it before you do, then you can get hold of the NADA valuation tool to assess the actual value of your car.

Here’s an easy guide on how to use the NADA pricing system so you can use it appropriately for trade-in transactions.

Log on to the NADA website, and click on the tab for ‘New and Used Car Pricing’.

This is the consumer category of the site. On the Car Research section, select the ‘New and Used Car Center’.

Type in the make and year of your car, or you can choose these aspects from the tray of choices.

Determine the trim and model of your car. Provide as many details as you can so that the website can accurately provide you with what you’re really looking for.

For starters, a car’s trim is its style, so NADA will determine all the standard accessories and features for your particular model. Type up the car’s mileage and tick all the equipment choices that are available for your model.nada guide

Sure enough, the pricing website preselects these choices because they are standard points, but as the owner of a car, you should also update your listing with additional options if necessary. Select ‘Continue’ and you’ll be directed to the free trade in report. There are four values that are provided for this category.

The trade-in report offers a car’s retail value and its standard market value depending on the present condition of the vehicle. These categories include clean, rough, and average. If you know that your car is badly used and appears old but still safely functional, then use the rough value.

Use the average and clean values if your car looks better. It is imperative that you compare notes from the NADA guide, Kelley Blue Book, and the Edmunds car values that are available online just like the NADA pricing. These three sites and authorities are considered to be the most reliable when it comes to determining car price values.


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