KBB Boats: Obtaining Kelley Blue Book Price for Your Boat

Boat Value

The blue book price is the main tool used for those looking into buying or selling a boat. Researching boat values can be done online in a number of different ways that are usually free and accurate. Blue book pricing on boats is a tad more complicated than that on automobiles. The steps below will provide a simple process on getting an accurate blue book price for a new or used boat.

First you must acknowledge that pricing on boats differs greatly depending on a variety of factors including location, condition of the boat, and the time of year. If there is a recession, boats tend to be considered a luxury item. This will affect the value.

NadaGuides is a great place to check out. It is comparable to what Kelley Blue Book is for vehicles, however, the boat prices in NadaGuide or known for not being completely correct. This still is a good starting point for getting an estimated cost as the more you have to compare the better.

Online boat auctions or sale websites such as EBay have good material to take into consideration. Boats.com, BoatTrader, and Iboats are a few more websites to visit. They may not be actual blue books, but an estimate blue book price can still be obtained for boats by doing your homework and researching the boat values displayed. You can search by Manufacturer and location on as many different websites and possible to gain as much information as you can to compare. Doing this will help get the best-estimated price.

Check classified ads, newspapers, and posters at your local marina to get an idea of what boats are selling for. Since location and time of year are relevant to the price of a boat, make sure the time is right for you.

Boat appraisers exist and can be used to factor in all the different criteria like manufacturer, size, age, and condition of the boat. Using and appraiser is probably the most accurate way to determine a boat’s value so this is the best option when buying or selling.

Detailed information is required when buying or selling anything. The more knowledge you can get, the more informed decisions you can make. The term “blue book” refers to an estimated value. The size, model, year, condition, equipment, and accessories all play into the blue book price. These details can have a high effect on the overall resale price of any vehicle, but even more so a watercraft. When relevant be sure to inquire about the navigational systems and modifications.

Kelley Blue Book and NADA are convenient and free and are among a wide variety of sites online for you to blue book your boat at. These sites are also used anonymously and the accuracy of the value given will correlate with the details you provide. If you are looking to finance your boat, you may be required to have an estimate which your lender will lay out the guidelines for.

A boat history of damage and maKBB boatsintenance impacts its value just as the history of a car does. Boatfax is to boats as Carfax is to cars and makes uncovering the history of a specific boat pretty painless. You do not want to skip this step when getting quoted value as the care of the boat over the years will play an important role in determining its worth.

It is legal to buy or sell salvage boats. To do this, the buyer must comprehend that the boat is salvage and to be sure can check the title to confirm so. This may come at the end of the deal, so in order to save yourself from any surprises, check into the history and life of the boat beforehand.

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