Kelley Blue Book Canada – An Easier Way to Check Out a Car’s Value in Canada


So you have plans to buy another car for your convenience, or put up the one you have in Canada for sale. But before you do so, you may want to take a good look at your car’s actual Canadian book value. In the United States, there’s the Kelley Blue Book that’s used as a standard reference for determining car values. As for its neighboring country, there’s the Kelley Blue Book Canada, and it is used not just to accurately come up with car value estimates, but off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and boats as well. A good starting point for determining your car’s best value in Canada is to log on to

As a buyer or seller, you should know that Canadian car valuation is not regional as compared to that in the United States. This means that they don’t vary from one city to another, or state to state much like America. VMR features a depreciation calculator which is utilized by buyers and sellers to find out a good Canadian car value by assessing the type or model of the car, its year and mileage only.

An Introduction to the Canadian Black Book

Basically, the Black Book is used to find out a car’s actual value in accordance with major dealer auctions from all over the country. They assess the appearance of a car, its mileage, and the present mechanical condition. To reach out to more potential clients, the Canadian Black Book is known to publish issues every two months.

The Canadian Red Book

The Canadian Red Book, on the other hand, differs from the Black Book because it studies sales to determine accurate car values, and it’s limited to only regions in Toronto.

The Sanford Evan’s Gold Book

So far, this is known as the most comprehensive evaluation reference for cars in Canada, but it only releases published issues once a year. It derives values in Eastern Canada, British Columbia, and Western Canada.

Pricing Used Cars in Canada

kelley blue book canadaIn order to get the best value out of your used car, you can get a good quote in the blue book value charts that are available online. But if you live in Canada, there might be a little problem. Remember how the Kelley Blue Book and similar websites are only acceptable in the United States market. Fortunately, there is a new and improved service for car valuation that’s unique to Canada, and it’s governed by the Canadian Black Book. It is used by most banks and dealers to find out the exact worth of a car. This website was launched on May 28, 2010, and it’s updated to keep up with your valuation needs. This website presents a list of the average retail asking price, trade-in values, and predicted values in the future for second hand and brand new cars.

The Canadian Black Book and this website have been trusted by the Canadian market for many years since 1997. This service promises to assist Canadian car sellers and buyers because there will be more informed shoppers who would attend dealerships and showroom conferences. These days, most car dealers know very well that the decision to purchase a car is tackled while a shopper searches good choices on the Internet. Once they get the hang of the dealership, they will then be more focused and ready to purchase the car concerned. Another good feature with this website is that it helps shoppers to determine the trade in value of a vehicle that they want to purchase.

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