Look For Cashless Facility While Making A Car Insurance Claim

Buying four wheeler insurance has become fairly easy thanks to faster internet speeds and companies that have updated a lot of things to simplify how insurance works. Nowadays, car insurance policy comes with a number of features as compared to car insurance plans use to be offered earlier.

One such feature that ensures a smooth car insurance claim for the policyholder is the option of a Cashless Motor Insurance Claim. Most of us don’t give much thought on external situations and therefore we do not think much about saving for emergencies.

In this case, a cashless insurance policy acts as a savior to support you financially. If your insurance company has a tie-up with a nearby health centre or a hospital, you can easily avail cashless hospitalization. Most insurance companies offer cashless car insurance in which the buyer receives cashless car repair and maintenance services as they have tie-ups with selected car service centres.Look For Cashless Facility While Making A Car Insurance Claim

Cashless car Insurance Claim

A person who has a cashless car insurance policy can get their car repaired at any of the car garages as listed by the car insurance provider. You do not have to pay anything for these repairs. The invoice for repairs is straightaway sent to the car insurance company and the reimbursement is made according to the cashless car insurance policy. A cashless motor insurance claim can be availed only if the damaged car is sent for repairs at the car service provider that is a part of the insurer’s network.

This makes it easier for the insurer to directly get in contact with the car service provider and pay the cost of damage. It is important to note that cashless claims are not 100% cashless. The policyholder needs to pay a small part of the claim amount in the form of deductibles and depreciation. Here is a brief on the deductibles to be paid by the policyholder.

How to claim insurance for car?Look For Cashless Facility While Making A Car Insurance Claim

Most insurance companies in India have tie-ups with select car service garages. As per the insurance policy, the garage repairs your vehicle depending on your cover and sends the bill directly to the insurance company. After thorough verification, the insurance company makes the payment to the car service centre for repairing your car.

However, there are certain car parts that are not covered under the cashless car insurance policy. You must have an idea of which parts are covered and if the ones not covered get damaged, then you are liable to pay for the repairs and maintenance of your car.

As compared to reimbursement claims, a cashless car insurance claim is definitely the preferred choice of car owners nowadays. The cashless claim facility for Bajaj car insurance is a piece of good fortune for policyholders. It may not be possible to have cash on hand always, this makes the cashless claim quite convenient.

You can apply for four wheeler insurance online from the comfort of your home. Some insurance companies also provide roadside assistance cover which is an excellent facility if ever face a sudden car break down.

In case of an accident, you can make a car insurance claim and cover all the losses. However, you also have the option of No Claim Bonus (NCB). It is a discount offered on the Own Damage (OD) premium for not claiming on your car insurance during the policy period. Also know about car insurance claim settlement ratio.

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