Looking For Bass Boats For Sale? Read Before You Buy

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Are you the type that like spending a quiet and relaxing day fishing? Maybe you have searched and look everywhere for bass boats for sale within your budgets and you cannot find one that meets your requirements. Bass boat is a interesting “toy” that lot of people would like to have but have not gotten the financial opportunity to do so. If you are one of those that cherish bass boat fishing and you are panning to make a purchase of a bass boat, here are three golden rules to help you get a great deal on a bass boat.

Tip #1 Make Sure you Seek out For Repossessed Bass Boats For Sale

It is of interest to know that repossessions are growing at an alarming rate. Quite a number of people are losing their new boat after only a few months. If you can look for a bank that has repossessed boats on the market, chances are that you are able to get a great deal. It is such that, the banks only desire to make up part of their investment. Sometimes, the storage costs can also accumulate quickly and difficult for the banks to pay and they might want to move the boats quickly to avoid paying these fees.

Tip #2 You have to Avoid Dealers

In most cases, you find quite a number of dealers having this type of markup on their inventory that it really makes no sense to make a purchase off their lot. Should you have a boat for sale, you may do well at a dealer by using your boat as a trade-in. You have to understand that majority of the bass boats on the market off a dealer’s lot are mostly priced higher in order to recoup a few of the money lost for slow sales in a slow economy.

Tip #3 You Should Also Check Out Government Auctions

Government auction happens to be one of the best places to locate a used boat. It is quite unfortunate that this means is frequently overlooked by many people today, either since they don’t know about the auctions or since they think there’s an excessive amount of red tape. The reality of the matter is these auctions take place across the country. Large metropolises, smaller towns, and also county governments all hold these auctions.

As you go out to look for bass boat for sale, you’ll definitely find boats in about every condition. Some would be seized or repossessed. Others are surplus. Starting bids could be as low as $100, you have a great possibility to snag a boat for 70% from the book value.

When you visit website that specialize in government auction listings you will be able to find these listings. Don’t let someone else, such as a dealer, grab up all the bass boats for sale from the federal government! You could be sitting in your new boat on the lake by next weekend! So go ahead to get yourself a bass boat.

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    My wife and I are finally pursuing a life long dream of mine…and her. Owning a boat!! HOWEVER…I have crossed eyes and think we have found a creampuff but validating the value is a crap shot. NADA, the National AUTO Dealer Association, the trusted book for used cars dealers & shoppers now has a “NADA/Bosts.” It is a good guide for cars but boats? Anyone who uses the internet, even though I consider myself a novice should know one can use the net to validate anything if you look enough. My point…the NADA is a starting point. Like the first step of a long walk, in my opinion. Boat manufacturers, boat motor manufacturers and the maker of the trailer need to make a true used boat book. For example, I was unable to find the name of the best maker but my wife’s network advised who made the boat I am/was considering and I found it…however, according to my new info the 18 ft boat comes with a 90hp motor. But…the one we are considering has a 150hp 4+liter 6 cylinder. We looked at it and it looked a few yrs old…only 89 hours on the motor. A 1994! I have a 6yr old lawn tractor with 130 hours on it… Thank God for common sense because unless you have a good friend or know a boat mechanic etc, good luck. Thanks for letting me vent…ARGH!!!

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