Looking For Class B Motorhomes or Van Camper? Get Useful Tips

Class B Motorhome

The van camper also known as Class B motorhome gives the traveler the combination of a RV and in some cases of a smaller unit a second car as a added advantage. The design gives a great satisfaction to people who want a car-like drivability with all necessary features of a motorhome in a well compact space. The ease at which they are easy to drive and park in a normal parking space makes it more appealing to vacationers on the open road. Unlike a large motorhome, it is easy to spontaneously pull off the road and take a break, make a meal and other activities without much thought.

The sizes of a modern Class B motorhome comes in the form of 18-24 feet. In most cases, the van always possess a raised fiberglass roof which makes it possible for the occupants to stand up while being inside the van. One of the recent models of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis has a stand up headroom as an inherent part of their design. You can find a popup roof in some others models with screened tent type fabric enclosing the raised roof space. Some conversion companies offer van campers with optional four wheel drive which you can choose from should you decide to get that.

RV-Class B Motorhome has the capability to also carry roof racks, bike racks and other enhancements which gives it a much more recreational possibilities. Another good thing about it is the ability to use it to tow a boat or a trailer. It is important to know that some models can tow up to 10,000 pounds, appealing to many full-timers who have both a van for towing and exploring the boonies, and a full size larger trailer that stays in the RV parks as a home base. This is a very versatile, multipurpose setup.

The front seats in some van campers swivel around adding to the useful amount of interior space it has. Depending on the floor plan and the length of it, 2-4 people can sleep comfortably well in a van camper. Some beds will need to be converted when it’s time to sleep by pulling out couches, breaking down dinettes and so on. The typical RV features one is used to like full galleys, entertainment centers, and even toilet and shower facilities can be found in modern units. Storage is present inside with most possessing storage access from the rear doors and/or outside compartment doors.


It serves as a good multipurpose vehicles whether you want to use it as a second car, or to tow a trailer or a boat.
The ability to go almost anywhere where other larger RV’s cannot go makes it interesting. Should you planning to explore primitive sites and/or windy, narrow roads then you should consider a van camper.
For economical traveling with good gas mileage, then you should think Class B motorhomes.
It possesses the advantage of a motorhome in that you wouldn’t need to exit your rig when preparing to camp. It has an easy set up with little fuss unlike a tow-able RV.

Disadvantages/Cons:class b motor home

The fact that it is small makes it to be cramped in their narrow confines. Two people can do well in it if they cooperative, or those who have little children. However, being in a van camper full-time is very challenging due to its small space as one tend to wear over time.

For some people who might use the van camper as a second car, the mileage increases and it can quickly depreciate living it very hard to sell compared to a motorhome that is only driven on trips.
When it’s time to sleep, bedding has to be setup and taken down which can add up a little bit of work in operation for someone. People with sensitive back and larger folks would find this a very discomforting exercise.
Because of the small space of a van camper, there is is limited storage available. For those who might what to take ot of stuff with them, this might frustrate them.

How much does a Class B Motorhome Cost:

Class B Motorhome or Van campers goes for as low as $40,000 to well over $100,000 for the recent Sprinter vans or a four wheel drive model which has all the bells and whistles.

It is important to say that van campers without doubt have their appeal for people who want an enjoyable driving rig that sports all the comfort that RV’s possess in a compact space. If you are a full-timers, maybe it could be wise to select a larger rig as the space of a van might not be inadequate for you in a long term.

For people that needs a second car and enjoy to go on weekend journeys and other shorter camping trips might as well see a van camper a desirable option. Those with small children will definitely enjoy van camper on the road, having washing, bathing and other facilities at their disposal.

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