Motorcycle Glove Buying Guide

Motorcycle Glove Buying Guide. motorcycle-gloves

There are many reasons to have a resilient pair of gloves over your hands. They can round out a great outfit, and they can protect your hands against wind chill. While there are many fantastic choices out there, here are some great pairs to consider.

Olympia 4102 WeatherKing Extra Touch Gloves

These are some great all weather riding gloves featuring drum-dyed leather, which gives them extra durability. They are breathable and waterproof due to the Gore-TexÒ glove insert, which also makes them windproof. They come with touch-enabled fingertips, so you can swipe on your phone while wearing them.

Joe Rocket Supermoto Gloves

The Joe Rocket Supermoto Gloves come with goatskin leather and a drum-dyed goatskin leather palm. It features a protective hook-and-loop wrist closure system, so the gloves fit comfortably over your hands. You can choose which color you want to integrate into the gloves, so they match the rest of your outfit perfectly.

Motorcycle Glove Buying Guide. Joe Rocket Supermoto Gloves

Klim Dakar Pro Glove

These gloves are ideal if you do a lot of night time driving because these gloves incorporate a reflective material into the construction. You attain comfort and durability with the stretch woven construction and goat leather.  This helps other drivers see you at night. Other features include an integrated visor wiper and an entry assist pull loop.

Motorcycle Glove Buying Guide. Klim Dakar Pro Glove

Five Gloves Arizona Gloves

If the rest of your motorcycle apparel is vintage, then you need gloves that match that style perfectly. The Five Gloves Arizona Gloves combine vintage styling with modern sensibility. They contain thick leather reinforcements to keep you protected no matter what the elements bring. They are made out of 100 percent full grain leather, so you cannot go wrong with these durable gloves.

When it comes to putting together a motorcycle-riding outfit, most people focus on the helmet and jacket. However, you do not want to overlook the importance of gloves. Purchase a pair today, so you can go on the road safely.

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