Motorhome For Sale: Tips For Buying a Used Camper Trailer

Used Camper Trailer

Travel Trailers can be an expensive item to buy, just as with any vehicle. Buying used can be a great way to get what you are looking for and doing so within your budget. Because travel trailers are not motorized, you cannot go by the mileage to help determine a value. Using other key factors to evaluate what is a good purchase price is necessary to be sure you are getting a good deal.

Always look for a camper trailer in the daylight. Night-time will cover many imperfections and may hide potential factors that affect the price. Identify the year, make and model from the seller and then compare that material on Kelley Blue Book for RV and Campers. This will help give you a more accurate price.

Check the outside of the camper making sure to look closely around the windows, doors, and openings. Make sure everything is intact and sealed properly with no excess warping or imperfections. Also, be sure to check for any added additions such as new or mismatched window panels.

Open the waste cover to view any motorhome for saledamage that may be visible being sure to wear latex gloves while doing so. Take note of excessive bad odors that may indicate dirty connections. Identify any traces of corrosion on the access panel of heating/cooling units as well as animal and insect infestation signs. You may have to climb a ladder to inspect the roof for potential leaks or problems.

As you enter the trailer look around at all the walls, ceilings, and floors. Here you want to check for water damage and levelness of counters and cabinets. Although there may be natural wear and tear, be sure to check the level of it to help guide you to the right price.

motorhome for saleEnsure that all windows, doors, appliances, and cabinets open and close properly. You also want to be sure all of these items are in working condition and you are not surprised by any potential water damage that would be an added cost to fix up.

Turn on every faucet to make sure the water runs as it should and turn on the heating unit and refrigerator. It is important to check every little thing, so there are no hidden costs after you purchase the unit. Propane, electric, and battery power must all be checked among the oven, stove, and even lights. Check the toilets for signs of backing up and head outside again to inspect the tires and hitch to the trailer. You may even want to go as far as crawling under the trailer to identify any pipes, tanks, or damage to the undercarriage. A flashlight can help you see the dark areas.

After obtaining all this information, use it to help you establish a fair price of the travel trailer and make an offer with that.

Transferring a Travel Trailer Title to a New Owner

It is an easy process to follow in order to transfer the title of a travel trailer from one owner to the other. You can avoid more than one visit to the DMV by doing your homework on what you will need to provide. Information can also be found on your DMVs website. A small fee is most likely needed to transfer the title.

Xplorer rear 3-4 openThe trailer title requirements will be listed on the website and the fee could vary based on the camper trailer’s weight and size. Most states will display a chart to help narrow down what your fee will be. The previous owner is needed to sign the back of the title which acknowledges his willingness to transfer the ownership to someone else.  You, however, do not sign the title until you are looking to sell the trailer.

Compile all the proper transfer documents together such as the title, bill of sale, and title application. If for some reason the title was lost, an affidavit stating release of interest in the trailer filled out by the owner must be completed. Should the trailer have an odometer, an emissions test, and odometer disclosure statement will need to be done.

All the documents mail be mailed, or in some cases, you will be required to present them to the DMV in person. Documents that are mailed will need to be notarized on the application. Then you wait! A new title will be processed and mailed as soon as the DMV deems it approved.

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