Nissan Juke Review – Specs, Price and Pictures

Nissan Juke Review – Specs, Price and Pictures

It is transport for a big city. Curbs and snow littered the streets are not problems for the high-wheel-drive car. It is very good that there is all-wheel drive. And what it is not less important that you can turn it off. It is great for snow but not very useful for asphalt, only fuel consumption.

One of the most notable things in Nissan Juke is the red mirrors. This is a real designer godsend! The mirrors are big and do not smutch so often.

The size of engine is 1.6 L. Max torque is 158 Nm at 4,000 RPM. Total fuel tank capacity is 46 Litres. The fuel consumption is 6.3 L per 100 km. The weight of the car is 1166 kg. Max power is 86 kW.

The approximate price of this model is from $17,000 to $24,000.

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