Nissan Leaf Review – Specs, Price and Pictures

Nissan Leaf Review – Specs, Price and Pictures

Nissan Leaf is one of the electric cars.  It will still be many years – perhaps decades – before electric cars are commonplace on the road. Nissan Leaf is a little bit out of this world when compared with any other car on sale today. It has so many features that will make you go “oh, that’s a great idea” that even if it wasn’t an electric car, it would still be a very cool vehicle to own. This car has a mobile SIM card that periodically updates itself. Also, you can charge your iPhone without a problem. The weight of the car is 1534 kg. the max distance without charging is 170 km. Since Nissan Leaf is driven by electric power, there are some energy-saving features: automatic lights-on system, LED headlamps with load-sensing leveler, Full colour rear view monitor with vehicle width/distance display function.

The average price of Nissan Leaf 2012 is about $37,500

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