Renting a Car vs Buying a Car for Uganda Travels

Many people wonder whether it is cheaper to rent a car in Uganda for a vacation in Uganda.

For travelersplanning to visit Uganda for a holiday on self-drive there are two options that will make your vacation successful and more comfortable. You either opt for a Uganda Car Rentalor opt for a fully inclusive package from a local tour operator.

Owning a car is absolutely everyone’s dream but you need to weigh the options to help you come up with the perfect decision. Renting a car can also help you save more on your long stay in Uganda and can be cheaper than even buying your own car. Long term car rentals are seen to be more flexible, affordable and reliable compared to purchasing.

The following details will help you know how best to do your trip by either hiring or buying a car.Renting a Car vs Buying a Car for Uganda Travels

Financing problems

You may have no credit history or rather you may have the least credit record in life. Meaning banks may also overlook at you because of this however, it isn’t the end of the journey. You can still achieve all your expectations with a Car Hire Company. Whereas there are certain things that are considered prior the contract approval, long tern car hire then takes the lead option when it comes to vacations in most of African destinations in case you are declined by banks.

The ownership question

Purchasing a vehicle at and paying for its installments for certain period of time are different things. The monthly payments indicate that you will be owing money to the banks for that whole period and you absolutely do not own the vehicle till you have completed the payments. You must know that in case you purchased a vehicle with a huge payment plan, you will want to either pay over your balloon payment in one big sum or refinance it with the bank and pay it off in the following period till you become the real owner. This however increases your expenses as you are clearing the interest for a longer time.

Its worthiness

You should have in mind the value your vehicle will have after finishing your payments and after the purpose in Uganda. You need to be aware that the value your car will keep dropping immediately you set off to the road. It is unavoidable that a car’s value reduces by between 18-22% as soon as it leaves the dealership. Some models have less than 40% of the original cost at the end of the year contract period. This makes car hire more effective and the best option for a self-drive in Uganda.

CostsRenting a Car vs Buying a Car for Uganda Travels

Car ownership also comes with up keep and maintenance. Costof insurance, tyre repair services and a tracker unit are some of the high costs a vehicle will actually cost you on a monthly basis. Putting together all these extra costs will help you realize the difference between the monthly installment cost and the actual charges of ownership. With the long term rental period, the company bargains with insurance and tracking service providers on your behalf to give you the best deal. Car services are managed via partnerships with their dealer network and are therefore delivered at a more competitive and inclusive cost. With car hire, there is free regular car maintenance which is included in the car hire package by your service provider and for any damage that requires replacement, it can be done free of cost.

One point of contact

The whole car hire process is easy as you have one point of contact which will arrange everything for you. The application and financial approval are conducted through one point and reservation of services and the management of your insurance claims. It doesn’t require you to deal with different people; you can have one contact for all your vehicle requirements.

In conclusion

So, depending on what your travel interests are, in the long run both car hire and purchasing have their good and bad side that are worth weighing before making the final decision on which one to take.

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