Selling an Old Car Honestly: Masterly Ads

Selling an Old Car Honestly: Masterly Ads

GAZ 3110 Volga, 2005

Mileage 75000-79000, 2.4 MT, gasoline, black color.

I am selling my Volga! The purchase is to be honest very doubtful but the price is close to nothing. 30000 rubles and the cruiser is yours! Year of manufacture  is 2005, condition-contradictory. The mileage is indicated as 72000 on the odometer, but actually it is 172000. And to be completely honest 272000. I still have no idea how it possibly could cover that distance….

But the machine is still running and that is the main thing. Driving in town makes no problems(not mentioning that during summer you get the feeling that the car is on fire, as there is no conditioner) It tears apart many foreign brand cars on the traffic lights (especially those who have no idea that they are racing) Everything is cool on the highway also. How fast can you get depends on your self-preservation instinct. Personally I found myself without blinking, moving and barely breathing during those rare moments when I approached 180 on speedometer.

gaz3110_11The left door is equipped with a corrupt metal and a piece of plastic coming out of it. It really helps to find the automobile on big parking lots and adds a hint of personality to the beast! Speaking of trunk I must admit that there are some areas that might be considered as a good condition.

Inside of the car is designed according to someones  outstanding fantasy with the use of linoleum. You will have to get on with that. There is strange detail somewhere in the depths of the driving seat which bites painfully your loin. It is still a mystery to me what is this , why is it there and how can it be possibly there.

There is a  button  switching  conditioner on and off, but that is the only detail from conditioner that survived till nowadays. There is also on-board computer (I suspect that it is his intelligence rather than yours decides when the engine should start or stop)

The car heater – Saurons flame is working as there is no tomorrow during winter. The hot air burns your right foot when the heater is off during summer if you wear sandals. That is why you should wear snicker on your right foot  when driving 110. -Didn’t smoke in the car for last 1,5 mounts . But before that I have done that a lot. But not as much as the previous owner and the bunch of his friends, which have done that all together at the same time with a closed windshields. The grey color of the ceiling serves as the provement.

The big advantage -is the absence of the damper , that causes the infernal roar! That is the reason for the brutal motorcycle riders having their pants dirty to stay out of you. That makes it more comfortable for you to travel.

One of the best advantages of that car is that traffic officers don’t want to stop you . Even when you are driving next to them without even fastening your seatbelts and without switching on the dimmer they simply feel sorry for you…Cant get what is the secret. Also many foreign cars (the expensive ones and not really)  are afraid of messing with you.

Summing up all the mentioned features I must admit that you really feel like driving in the presidents cortege until the sharp detail in the seat gets you back to earth.

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