Selling Nissan Murano – How to Value it

Nissan Murano

Sometimes life makes you sell your car, sometimes you are simply tired of driving one given vehicle or anything else. Lets not get too deep into this question. Once you made such a decision and there is no way back there are some tips that might be helpful.

I hope I don’t need to remind what kind of a car may possibly be in your garage or outside the house or wherever. For those who actually forgot (hopefully there are not any) Nissan Murano is a medium size SUV manufactured in Japan.

20120221_nissan-murano_612mzNow seriously. Selling a car is usually difficult enough activity( unless you are selling it for the price that is way lower than it should be).

Takes a lot of time to prepare your car, all the documents (including repair bills, insurance documents, documents proving that you are the actual owner of the vehicle, any documents from the restyling procedure etc) make sure the car is in the best shape it can get. Fix any possible breakage. Wash you car (including wheels, engine and vacuuming the interior).Remember that the first impression about the vehicle and owner comes from appearance( of the vehicle of course but possibly both). Don’t try to sell the lemon.

Hiding any disadvantages of the car is not going to do any good to you. Because the buyer will definitely come prepared , as buying car is enough expensive( that’s actually goes to Murano also) Give all the information about your car that possible. (maintenance, fuel consumption, maneuverability). Offer a test drive it will also make a good impression about you as a seller.

Don’t try to persuade a person that he is not right about any questions. Be polite and show that you share the same goal and simply go till you find an agreement. Nissan Murano has its own specialties in maintenance. So don’t try to negotiate that when selling it.

thumbnail_sngpThe main trouble comes when you are about to stick the price tag to your car. Finding out the proper value will also take some time and effort. Visit local dealerships. They may give their opinion but your aim is to find out the Market value of your Nissan. To find out that you will have to figure out the price for a car like yours in the secondhand dealerships and in show-rooms. Combines those prices and divide it into half. That may be a close to reality amount of money. Of course everything will depend on the year, mileage and condition.

Another helpful resource is enternet. Search the market of used Muranos and have the idea about the value of it around the country. Websites like Kelley Blue Book or Nada Guides are very helpful in assessing the vehicles.

Set the reasonable price and be ready to bargain(as some people will do that just because they feel like trying) Be ready to any kind of questions. Don’t hide the reason you are selling your Nissan Murano. As it is may give a hint of suspicion to a person who intends to purchase it from you. Beware of  criminals when selling to individual….

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