Selling Nissan Qashqai – Setting the Correct Value

Selling Nissan Qashqai - Setting the Correct Value

At least once in a lifetime comes a moment when you need to sell your vehicle. For some people any amount of money for their secondhand car will make their day. But most people (at least that I know) prefer to get a good deal rather than a quick deal.

Speaking of Qashqai…

Qashqai – compact crossover, combining the best qualities of traditional family hatchback and compact SUV. This strong, hardy and agile model of the car is created specifically for the city. High ground clearance and four-wheel drive – an advantage in modern urban environments.

The model was created to compete the Dodge Caliber and Suzuki SX-4. Neat, scrupulously verified, but extremely restrained Qashqai first truly European Nissan. It is designed in the English technical center Nissan NTCE in Cranfield, the final shape was found in a London design Studio and produced in Sunderland. Due to its medium engine displacement, it is an ideal choice for many people.

Well that is enough of characteristics, because the main thing is that you will not sell it for the same amount of money you purchased it. It will never be new again. But there are some things you can do to get the best value is possible.

First of all get Nissan in the best condition it can get

Repair everything that is necessary (do not forget to keep the receipts) Wash it in and out, vacuum the interior and clean the engine. Make sure there is nothing in the trunk that should not be there. Making it short the car should look as on the wedding day. Believe no one likes to examine the car that is filthy, most people may not even look at dirty car at all! Find all the documents you can about your car( DMV reports on accidents and documents proving that you are the actual owner of the vehicle). Go have the diagnostics of the car and print out the results. Ask a mechanic to help you with assessing the vehicle (you will need it later anyways). Visit the insurance company and banks as they usually have an idea about the car valuation.

Never try to deceive the potential buyer1429595811_kash

Hiding facts about the accidents the car could possibly have gone trough is worthless. Because buyers are always preparing well (specially secondhand car dealerships)

Be honest about the maintenance and fuel consumption. Offer a test drive that usually adds some confidence to the potential buyer.

Do not avoid speaking of the reasons to sell your Qashqai

Some people may think that it is not their business why someone sells his car etc. Nevertheless, if you will speak unwillingly on that topic the person may consider that you are hiding some facts about the vehicle.

Set the price that will be the closest one to market value

Consult the dealerships and possibly the owners of the same car you are going to sell. Browse the enternet. Websites like or Nada guides. Those sites specialize on valuating vehicles.

Take your time – do not sell Qashqai to the first person who walks in.

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