The Car Valuation After an Accident

The Car Valuation After an Accident

Many  drivers had been into a car accidents, some even more than once. And that is a part of life- the sad part. Even an experienced drivers often go through that. But after everything is settled down and hopefully no one is injured there comes another wave of problems. You will  face the insurance appraiser. Of course he does not wish anything bad to you. But you might have  contradictions about the amount of money the insurance agency will have to pay to cover your car repairing. The insurance appraiser right away will examine the damage and  find out  how much money it will cost to fix the vehicle. But the problem is that sometimes there is no chance to spend on repairing less money than you paid for your car  when you have bought it. It is called the total car loss. Do not afraid to fight for your right. I do not mean you have to fight your insurance appraiser, but I mean that you will have to prove that you vehicle is totaled. In most states the car is considered totaled when the repairing will cost from 70-90% of the Actual Car Value (ACV).

Of  course the  insurance agency is interested to pay less money than more. That is the reason the appraiser will give you some headache. There are many factors that will influence the value : the mileage, the age and the general condition of your vehicle before the accident. After the accident there is not much you will be able to do to raise the cars value .

But as the doctors say it is better to do everything to prevent the illness than to cure it. That is why there are a lot of things that you can do in advance  to make it easier in case the accident(knocking on the wood). You are better to examine the insurance policies right after you signed the agreement. Always keep your car in good condition it will not only make your driving easier and more comfortable, but it will make it easier for you to get the car value higher in case the accident happens(knocking on the wood again) Always keep the records and everything that is left after repairs. After all there are online services that are specializing on car valuation such as Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds (Edmund used car). You log in and set the characteristics of your vehicle. There you can get the information about the cost of your vehicle. You will probably have to negotiate the Actual Car Value (ACV) with your insurance agent. But you shouldn’t be afraid , the agency has to take into consideration your opinion. It is commonly known that the first offer of the agent will not be acceptable to you. Do not agree until you get the appraiser to a point where he will value your car  the most reasonable for  both of you. I really hope you will never need those tips.

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