The Most Breakable: Top 10 Unreliable Automobiles

The Most Breakable: Top 10 Unreliable Automobiles
The Most Breakable: Top 10 Unreliable Automobiles

An authoritative American edition Consumer reports had chosen the most unreliable models of cars that are represented on the US market. 5 out of 10 positions where occupied by Ford.

The research was based on information from the readers. When making a rating the edition took into a consideration a statistics of the repairs within last 3 years. But if the car went trough restyling the last year of the exploitation is considered.

The amount of the information is very big. The Consumer report gathered  the information about 1,1 million vehicles since 2004.

The list of models was made according to the persistence of the car to the 17 main breaking issues. To them we add:  engine issues, transmission issues, ignition issues, problems with brakes , electronic system  and climatic establishments. The leader appeared to be Ford-C max Energy-a hybrid that can be charged from the circuit.

Top 10 most unreliable cars in America

1. Ford C-Max Energi

Forc C MAX

2. Ford Escape (с 1,6-litres engine EcoBoost)


3. MINI Cooper Countryman


4. Ford C-Max Hybrid

5. Nissan Pathfinder


6. Volkswagen Beetle


7. Cadillac XTS


8. Ford Explorer (V6 engine)


9. Hyundai Genesis Coupe

10. Ford Taurus (turbo motor)


The experts noticed that models with  good driving characteristics and high level of comfort and other positive characteristics turn out to not be reliable. That is why some models could achieve a high mark at the beginning but got the bad marks during the exploitation.

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