The Secret to Low Cost Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

It doesn’t take much work to find motorcycle insurance at a reduced price. Before the process of scouting out different quotes, you will need to take a few things into consideration. Your age is the first factor in purchasing insurance along with your driving history. If you have ever been in an accident, even if it was in a motor vehicle, you will probably be given a higher insurance quote. Also, if this is your first time trying to obtain motorcycle insurance  the quotes may be higher until you have developed into a more accomplished rider. Of course, you will also want to improve your driving record to help the rates go down over time.

Other things to consider are the type of motorcycle you own and how far you have to travel each day. Bikes that tend to be ridden at a higher speed may cost more as far as insurance goes, and if you manage a lower mileage rate you can benefit from bonus discounts from your insurance. Areas of town that experience more crime can also increase the price of your insurance, but keeping your bike in a garage when not in use may give you an added discount on your policy.

Make sure to take note that you will never get more than the market value of the motorcycle should something go wrong with it, so be sure not to pay for unnecessary extras that won’t really make a difference.

When looking to purchase motorcycle insurance be sure to gather as much information as possible. Look around to many different companies to help you find the best price. It’s easy to get caught up in paying more than is necessary, so it’s really important to do the research and get quotes directly on the phone or in person. This will help you accurately compare as many quotes as possible.

Decrease Your Motorcycle Insurance Cost

motorcycle insuranceThe biggest damper on that feeling of riding a shiny new bike out of the parking lot for the very first time is realizing the sky-high price you have to pay for the insurance on it. Flying down the road at high speeds with the wind in your face is only a thought in your head. But continue reading for a few tricks of the trade when choosing motorcycle insurance.

Did you know that you will pay more money for a bigger engine? Well, you will. You will also pay more for faster bikes, primarily sports bikes. Check with the insurance company to ensure that your motorcycle is listed under the correct category. If you are shopping for a motorcycle, go with a previously owned bike. Older models tend to insure for less because most insurance companies will take notice of the bikes year.

Be Responsible

As mentioned above, the more accomplished of a rider you are the lower your rates will be. Take part in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course. You can earn extra discounts by having a completed course under your name. The more efforts you make to be safe and gain knowledge, the more you will be rewarded for it. Drive safe, think safe, and avoid doing dangerous stunts and tricks to keep your driving record clean and policy rates low.

Don’t be afraid to ask about special offers or discounts that may be obtained through safety courses completion or membership to bike clubs. You may also get a special rate if you own more than one bike. If you take your time and shop around you will have the opportunity to compare many different policies and find the one most cost effective for you.

Since the engine size is one of the most important factors in a premium basis, be careful of the bike you choose. Bikes such as the Haybusa with a 1300cc or 1400ccZX14 will run you a much higher price than a bike with lower CCs like a Monster 800. Bikes with lower CC’s will generally be at a lower price than those with higher CC’s.

Check that the insurance company categorized your bike properly as a “Naked” or “Standard” versus a sports bike. Prices vary depending on what category your bike is listed under. You tend to pay more for a sports bike due to them known for riding faster and more aggressive than a general cruiser bike. The Kawasaki ZRK 1200R is often categorized as a sports bike, even though it’s generally a standard bike.

It may be smart to purchase a used bike since most insurance companies will factor in the year of the motorcycle. Older bikes will most likely have a cheaper insurance premium. Craigslist is an outlet that often provides opportunities to buy a well taken care of used bike.

The older the rider is, the cheaper the insurance tends to be due to their enhanced experience on the road. Younger kids present the need to drive faster-adding risk and causing the insurance company to raise their rates. Learning the rules of the road and gaining some experience will be worth the lower prices you will obtain years down the road.

Special offers are listed by Geico to MSF instructors or for those that insure multiple motorcycles. A 20 percent discount is a great incentive! If you belong ZRXOA or any other motorcycle organization, you may be up for a discount from Allstate. Driving safe pays off with Progressive as they supply discounts to those riders with no wrecks or tickets each year. Being married and owning a home can also up your chances of a lower insurance rate.

Insurance policy premiums differ widely between companies which are why it’s key to supply as many safety certifications and other documents that will make you deemed less of a risky rider. Don’t decide on the first company you come across. Check around until you find the policy that best suits you.

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