Things to Consider While Choosing a Car Charger

Things to Consider While Choosing a Car Charger. car charger


In this age of technology, we all are dependent on our gadgets. And to keep our gadgets in working condition, we must charge them regularly. Buying a car charger because of this purpose is essential these days. A car charger will enable you to charge your devices while commuting. USB Car chargers are well suited for charging any type of electronic gadget. However, you should know some things before choosing a USB car charger.

Here are some things you should consider while buying a car charger:

Know Your Devices

Before purchasing any charger for your car, it is essential to know your devices. This information will help you in choosing the right charger for your vehicle. You can charge almost all electronic gadgets using a portable USB car charger. Before selecting any charger check for any particular specification of your device like if your device has Type C. Then while buying a USB car charger, you should check whether it supports Type C or not.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Car Charger. a phone car charger

Number of Ports In the USB Car Charger

Before buying any charger, know your usage capacity, i.e., how many people will be using the car charger. Many choices are existing in the marketplace. There are solo car chargers; they support one data cable at a time. Then there is dual car charger; they enable you to charge two devices at a time. There is one more the triple car charger; it allows you to charge three devices at a time. No matter how many people are going to use it, we suggest that you should at least buy a dual car charger. It will allow you to charge two devices at a time, which is very handy especially in long journeys.

High Amp Output

Ahead of buying any charger, you should check how much current it provides per port. A good USB car charger should provide at least 2100mA that is almost 1000mA per port. This much amount of current is usually needed to charge any cell phone. On the other hand, if you need a charger capable of fast charging, then you should consider buying a 4.8A (4800mA) USB car charger. These chargers are usually highest performing chargers because they provide at least 2400mA per port, which is sufficient for the fast charging of any smartphone. If you have kids who use tablets, then you should consider buying a USB car charger, which supports 3A Quick charge because it will provide faster charging of your tablets, but prior topurchasing check that does your tablets support Quick charge or not.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Car Charger. a car charger

Safety Features

In advance of finalizing any car charger, check its quality. Do not buy any charger whose reputation is not good because a lousy charger can damage your device’s IC. Check whether your selected car charger can handle the fluctuations in voltage or not. Another critical thing to check before buying a car charger is its material; if the material of the charger’s body is not of good quality, then it can quickly heat up during long rounds of charging.

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