Things to Think About When Buying a Used Car

Things to Think About When Buying a Used Car

Once in a while you may drive your brand new and shiny Porsche down the curvy roads of Nevada, obviously breaking the speed limit law, when suddenly you hear the loud noise. Is that your brakes? No that’s just an alarm clock… All of us would prefer that it was not a dream but the reality is different. For most people it is much more easy to buy a used vehicle (maybe even a Porsche). But when buying from an individual one must be prepared for some difficulties.

On the first place when you found the car you like you need to make sure that the person selling a vehicle and the owner are the same person. To find out about that find out the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)  It can never match any other cars number as every vehicle has its own number. It can be found on the cars dashboard or in car registration. Visit the insurance Crime bureau website and find out if the cars VIN is not considered stolen. You can also call the DMV on the place of the registration of the car. They will inform you if it is stolen.  The last step on that point is to find out  if the seller is the actual owner is to ask for all the documents.

UW_used-cars-pentictonOnce you passed that procedure. Find out the year (the make and model are probably obvious) of manufacture. Ask about the way the vehicle have been used. It really matters whether  it was used once in a while ( to go to a picnic with family) or it was driven everyday 24/7. Mileage can tell you about that but remember that another important feature is where it has been used. There is one trick that sometimes can help you to find out the mileage.  You multiple an average car mileage on cars age.  Find out where the owner used to park it and in what kind of weather he drove it. It has been proved  that even a short period of usage in cold weather  can damage engine a lot more than driving for couple hundred of miles when it is warm outside. Sounds like a nonsense but it’s a fact. Don’t forget to check the vehicles condition. Be free to ask a mechanic to help you with that. Ask if the vehicle has been hit. It makes a difference as it really influences the vehicles characteristics. Find out about the repairing or painting the car could have possibly been through. Once again mechanic does it better so don’t hesitate yourself in a possibility to ask one for a help.

An experienced person can easily notice that you are «new» and might try to sell you junk or raise the price to an unbelievable height. To avoid that consult Kelley Blue book website (www.

Can be useful to find out the reason the person is selling it. Sometimes he needs money and he will tell you that right away. On the other hand he might try to avoid that topic and that should be suspicious.

Once again the more homework you do in advance – the better is chance to run into a good deal. Who knows maybe one day the beginning of the article might come true.

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