Tips in Negotiating When Buying Car

Tips in Negotiating When Buying Car

Now all of you had bargained at least once in lifetime or probably have seen that action on the market Place or even on TV. Most people prefer not to get involved in such an activity for different reasons. Some people are to shy, some prefer not to (as they think) waste time, some could be too wealthy to bargain but that is probably not common. And there are I suppose even more reasons that can take place. I really not going to persuade anybody to be bargaining all the time (even when buying a local newspaper in the morning) but for those who think that it might be an option I might give some advices.

new carWhat concerns cars you are definitely able to pull the rope onto your side (I mean negotiating value).  Now there is obvious difference in negotiating car value with a dealer that earns his bread by selling cars or someone who just decided to buy (sell) his vehicle. But in both cases you need to be absolutely honest. That’s  does matter a lot. Never try to trick a person you want to make a deal with. I mean don’t try to drop the cost of his car to the bottom and don’t think that you will sell a lemon for a million. There are not so many foolish people as one can think there is.

When you want to buy a car from the dealership choose the best time.  You can get a discount from a dealer if there are some models on sale. But bear in mind that vehicles on sale are sometimes simply not the buyers choice. That is why they  spent a lot of time without being bought and that is why they are on sale actually. So think several times before you sign the bill. And remember that greedy pays double sometimes. The low cost should not be the main argument when buying car. Good time to buy an older model if the new one replaced it. In that case one will be able to expect a discount from the dealer.

Car seller with car buyer looking at electronic tabletBut the main goal is to talk the dealer into a discount (or a buyer in raising the car value). Main key is to be completely polite. Express the respect to the person you deal with. People are more likely to make deals with someone who gives a good reasons to do it the way he thinks it is reasonable for both sides (not only for you). The trick is to show that you share and understand the dealers(buyers) position. That will make it easier to come to agreement. Never threaten anyone that you will get the better deal across the road. That usually does not work. As companies will not show that they afraid of competition.

But to become good in negotiating (or even bargaining) takes  time. Takes a lot of homework to be confident when negotiating and there is still no guarantee that you will be successful (I think that should be added into the list of reasons for some people not to bargain).

Consult all the dealerships!

Visit online services (Kelley Blue Book) for example ,to make sure about the value.

Get all the information from car owners or mechanics

Put it all together and go ahead!

Be honest and polite!

…Don’t give up a chance to negotiate!

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