Tips and Tricks to Reduce Back Pain While Driving

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Back Pain While Driving. Man with back pain after a long drive in car

A road trip which requires long hours of sitting and driving usually has different needs and consequences for different people. It could either be for pleasure that you choose to drive down the highway or for work engagements, but one thing that most people experience while on a road trip is back pain. This is one of the most common consequences of long drives! Back pain, in most cases, occurs due to your back stiffening up from sitting in the same posture and driving for long hours. There are various tips which you can follow in order to eliminate the problem so that the trip down the highway does not become an unpleasant experience for you.

Sit In the Right Posture

One of the foremost aspects to take care of while you are driving for long hours is that you are seated in the driver’s seat in the right posture. Not only should you make use of lumbar support in the form of a rolled up cushion or towel that is placed in the small of your back in the proper way, at your belt level, but also make certain to move the seat forward. Reclining your seat too much in a bid to get more comfortable may result in back pain whereas being close to the steering wheel shall prevent you from slouching while driving. You must also angle the back seat at about a hundred or a hundred and ten degrees for best results.

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Back Pain While Driving. right posture while driving

Use Cruise Control

As much as it is important to be mindful and informed about your car insurance policy, it is also necessary that you have the know-how about the various features that your car offers you to make sure that every ride is comfortable. It is important that you find out whether or not your car has cruise control configured within it and if it does, you must make use of it during long drives. Doing so will allow you to put your feet on the floor for short intervals of time which in turn enables you to distribute your body weight more uniformly.

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Back Pain While Driving. cruise control

Pay Attention to Your Steering Wheel Grip

Most experts researching the ways in which one can avoid developing a back pain during long car rides have come up with aspects of positioning that can make a huge difference. It is important that you devote some attention to how you position yourself before the steering wheel if you are prone to developing back pain. While in olden times drivers were required to hold the steering wheel in either ten o’clock or two o’clock positions. With the presence of airbags in most cars now, the practice has changed to holding the steering wheel in nine o’clock or  3 o’clock positions. This enables drivers to rest their elbows on the armrest which keeps back pain at bay.

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Back Pain While Driving. a man driving bmw

Things to Maintain

As a driver who is often required to go on long drives, it is your responsibility to ensure taking some measures to avoid developing a back pain during the journey. One such effective method is to buy cars which have seat heaters that you can turn on when you begin to feel spasms. The heat relaxes the tightened up muscles and joints immensely. At the time of getting online health insurance or otherwise you must go for the package that provides coverage for back problems that you develop being on the road for long hours.

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