Tonneau Cover Guide: Types of Tonneau Covers Defined

Tonneau covers have been popular with truck owners for decades, and there are a lot of good reasons why that’s so. The right cover can look like part of the truck, redefining its style lines and helping you achieve the effect you want visually. That appeals to a lot of owners who live in populated areas where there’s an audience for a well-styled vehicle. They also protect the stuff in your bed from the elements, so workers who rely on the storage to carry tools and equipment can keep the rain off them. Locking covers also provide security against theft, which is a must-have for anyone whose tools are their livelihood.

When looking to buy tonneau cover for your truck, it’s important to understand your options. There are a few different styles of cover, and each one operates on different mechanics. That makes the choice just as much about the function of your cover as it is about the visual appeal. Keep that in mind as you check out your options.

Folding Tonneau CoversTonneau Cover Guide: Types of Tonneau Covers Defined

One of the most popular design styles is the folding tonneau. In fact, the tri fold bed cover is probably the most popular tonneau design in recent years. The triple folding points make it easy to operate quickly while providing protection and security after you close the cover, and there are a lot of colors and sizes to suit any truck model out there. Tri fold tonneaus aren’t the only option in a folding model, though. You can find a wide range of designs made up of flat slats that fold at set articulation points.

Roll-Up CoversTonneau Cover Guide: Types of Tonneau Covers Defined

Rolling covers are often very cost-effective for the protection they provide, but they are not usually as rugged as folding covers. This is due mostly to the fact that they must be made from substances that can easily be rolled to retract it. Often, roll-up covers are also held in place by snaps or fastenings that don’t provide the option to fully lock the bed against intrusion. They do ensure that anyone who wants to get in has to invest a significant amount of effort and time to do it, though, so they deter a lot of prying eyes and grabby hands. If you’re looking for hard truck bed covers, you can even find some rolling options made of tough slats with joints between them, and they provide the best combination of folding and roll-up features out there.

Hinged CoversTonneau Cover Guide: Types of Tonneau Covers Defined

Another popular design is the hinged tonneau, which lifts like the hood of your car to provide access to the bed. Typically, there is a hydraulic arm to assist with raising and lowering the cover, as well as a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access. Many people who opt for this tonneau design also do it for the aesthetics of having a truck bed toolbox that really looks like one. With the right truck bed toolboxes, it can be a great way to get quick access to the right equipment as you move through the phases of a job while keeping it all secure during your down time.

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