Uber Accident Injury FAQs: How it differs from other car accidents

An accident is a traumatic experience. In the extreme case, victims can die of injuries and the severity of the victims’ injuries determines the quality of life they lead post recovery. As far as victims of accidents involving automobiles are concerned the saving grace (if at all you can call it that) is the compensation the victims can receive either as a settlement or as an award.Uber Accident Injury FAQs: How it differs from other car accidents

With the advent of app-based on demand transportation services such as Uber and Lyft the taxi industry has seen a rapid transformation capturing the imagination of customers as the service is so easy to avail of. The entry of corporate giants such as Uber into the business of transportation services with its various models has changed the way the industry perceives the business. Hitherto, it was a private contract between two entities (the taxi driver and the passenger). Now, Uber enters the picture because Uber offers the ride to a customer through a technology-driven app operated by Uber. The same Uber uses the app to link up the customer and a driver nearby who is probably under a contractual obligation to drive for Uber.

In this kind of scenario, if the Uber car carrying the paying passenger meets with an accident and passengers are injured then Uber is liable to pay for resulting injuries. Being a corporate giant, Uber has put in place liability policies that are way above any private driver’s (taxi driver) insurance coverage.

You will realize that an accident caused by an ordinary taxi and the one driven by an Uber driver are different (not the accident per se) because there are two entities involved – Uber and the Uber driver. In order to help you to understand what the differences are the following FAQs are highlighted:

How is an accident caused by a taxi driver different from the one caused by an Uber driver?

The accident introduces a second entity, Uber, besides the Uber driver. This is because the driver is contracted by Uber to use the technology-driven app to be linked to the customer. Thus, in case of an accident, Uber is liable to pay for resulting injuries along with the Uber driver.

How much is Uber liable to pay for resulting injuries?

It acknowledges an insurance coverage of $1 million for its vehicles when it is carrying a ride which also includes liability when the driver is on the way to pick up a ride.

What are the contours of compensation possible in an accident injury incident?

Subject to certain conditions you can claim monetary damages for accident induced current and future injuries that may include

  • Expenses on medical treatment – medicines, surgery, medical devices, hospitalization, therapies, disability compensation
  • Make good income loss
  • Fees of attorneys
  • Damage to property
  • Fees for car rental

Further, you can claim for intangible losses that could include emotional distress, suffering and pain and disfigurement. Fatality traced to the accident is also covered.

Who should be informed if Uber driver is involved in an accident?

You have to follow standard procedures such as calling 911, immediate first aid to injured people, and recording of the accident and obtaining witness contact details. Additionally, you must inform Uber and flag your notice.

Since Uber is in the frame, it is advisable to seek the assistance of experienced lawyers to fight your case to overcome any complications posed by Uber lawyers.

What kind of compensation can be expected?

The information is usually bound by confidentiality clause and no one really knows the exact amount. However, if you have followed all procedures correctly at the time of the accident you can expect fair compensation, says Jonathan Rosenfeld, a specialist in Uber accident claims.

Although compensation is possible, you should take extra care to see that your Uber driver follows all traffic rules so that the person can minimize chances of causing an accident. Whatever the compensation, it is not worth it to be involved in a car accident.

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