Used Car or the New One. Which to Buy? How to Value?

Used Car or the New One. Which to Buy? How to Value?

Those questions don’t let sleep to those who made a decision to purchase a new vehicle. Well that is a discussible enough question. And there are too many underwater rocks.

There is no doubt  that a new car is in perfect condition , nice and clean waiting to be bought in the showroom. But the prices make your wallet nice and empty sometimes.  That is why buying a secondhand car can be more preferable. It really matters how old the car is and in what condition. The vehicle that left the dealership is not considered new anymore. It actually decreases in value. So don’t even think of buying a car and trying to sell it for the same price you have bought it (or seen it  in commercial or somewhere else) Following this rule you may find a car in a close to perfect condition at secondhand dealerships or individuals.

shutterstock_61916221Used cars can possibly have been damaged or used carelessly. In that case the car be  in poor condition even if the year of manufacturing is not old. That is one of the facts that plays against the idea of buying a pre-owned vehicle.  The other one is that the individual may try to hide from you some facts about the cars history ( could be stolen or hit several times). That does not go to dealerships –they will not risk their reputation,  that would scare off the potential costumers and ruin the whole business. But the price  will be higher than the individual might offer. And it is a lot more difficult to lets say bargain with a dealer, that know his business in and out than with individual that possibly may be influenced by some factors (  rush for money or anything else). In both ways  you need to be maximally prepared. You should know what you want, when you want , how much money will you afford not only to buy the car itself but to maintain it.

Features to consider at choosing a car:1973 T Coupe 8

  • Make sure the car is not stolen (visit the crime bureau website, or consult the local DMV),
  • Ask the owner to take the car to diagnostics (in ideal the owner should offer that himself),
  • Ask about the vehicles history, maybe bills from repairing if it is possible,
  • Mileage, engine displacement, general condition-all that makes big difference,
  • Don’t forget to ask about the fuel consumption on different kind of roads,
  • Good sign is when the car is clean and there is nothing in the trunk or inside the car itself that should not be there,
  • Ask for a test drive,
  • Make sure you are paying the proper amount of money,
  • Use Online sources such as Kelley Blue book or Nada Guides,
  • Fill all the fields with information about the vehicle you intend to buy and use it as one of your arguments when making a deal.

As you see both buying new car or used one has its pros and cons.  All depends on your aims and possibilities.

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