Using Canadian Black Book to Find The Value of Your Car

Canadian Black Book

Kelley Blue Book is the most commonly known means to get an estimated value of a vehicle. However, the Black Book is now rising in popularity among everyone looking to sell or buy. Surprisingly, it’s been around since 1955 and was introduced by the National Auto Research Division of Hearst Business Media Corporation. Take an advantage of Canadian Black Book.

The auto experts that have developed the Black Book frequent over 50 car auctions weekly where they are able to note the visual details of each car. The condition, offers, special features, mile count, and price are all recorded and evaluated to help establish a wholesale price for each vehicle.

The Black Book will determine both a market price and trade-in value and put each car into a condition category of Extra Clean, Average, and Rough. By doing this, consumers and dealers alike have proper material to refer to when bartering back and forth.

The benefit of the Black Book over similar publications is that new material is published each and every week. Having the most current information is a key factor when buying or selling, so this makes the Black Book a great tool to have.

Be aware that dealers are given a separate version of the Black Book different of that given to consumers. The prices available in the dealers’ version tend to be a bit lower because of the reconditioning costs they often have.

cost of used carAs with anything, the more information you are able to obtain the better off you will be. It’s in your best interest to compare material found in every source, but also to be knowledgeable about the sources you are using. To help inform you about the two top publications available for those looking to purchase or sell a car, I’ve compiled some facts below.

How to use Canadian Black Book

  • Go to the Canadian Black Book website.
  • Find the Black Book Value section on the home page.
  • Select a vehicle by choosing Year, Make, and Postal code.
  • Select the model you are interested in.
  • Select the vehicle’s trade-in value, the future value, or the average asking price.
  • Choose a trim and style of the vehicle.
  • The website will then provide you with the estimated value

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