Using KBB Trade in Value To Get The Best Deal

Car Trade in Value

As a seller, you need to do your homework and conduct extensive research on the basic things that you need to do when putting up a vehicle for sale. Expect some discrepancies in prices when you opt to sell your car to an individual buyer, or if you choose to make a trade in with a dealership so you can purchase a brand new car. That’s why it’s important that you know the basics about your car so that it would be easier for you to get through negotiations and deals. Assess the overall condition of the car concerned because the slightest glitch in its appearance can definitely affect the overall price of the car. You can get help for a starter in price ranges from the Kelley Blue Book website, or get a copy of their updated print version that’s available in public libraries.  The site offers accurate trade-in values for cars in the United States. Navigate to the Kelley Blue Book main page and go to the ‘Used Cars’ button which is located on the top part of the page.

Indicate the year, model, and make of your vehicle. Plug in all the information that the website would ask for about your car, this will give you even more accurate value for trade in purposes. Submit everything by clicking on ‘Go’. Check your car’s odometer and key in the mileage on the following page. Indicate whether the vehicle has automatic or manual transmission. Write down all the added features and applications that your  car has, you’ll never know if these would add to the price of your vehicle. Indicate if your car has dents, warps, or body damage. Be as honest as you can about the vehicle that you sell, because whatever you put up for sale, someone will surely check it out. Now remember, all the trade in values that are indicated in the Kelley Blue Book are ranges, which means that they are subject to change anytime; considering all the factors that you enter.

KBB trade in valueSo trade in your car to get rid of all the hassle that you have to deal with that comes with a secondhand that you don’t want to have any more. If you have plans to trade in your car for a new one after some time, then you’ll have to keep it in good shape all throughout your usage so you can trade it in easily when the time comes. Scheduled oil changes and other maintenance procedures according to the manufacturer. Waxing is another important step that you need to undertake, it keeps your car’s coat looking polished as ever and it protects the car from harmful UV rays and other chemicals in the environment. Try not to place an unreasonably high value to your car, especially if it’s a secondhand one. Choose only a reputable dealer for just about any transaction that your car may call for, so you’ll be safe from fixers and illegal transactions. For your convenience, there are online-based reviews that are within one’s reach that you can check out for a start.

Don’t forget to spruce up your car just before the dealership transaction because a good first impression will always last. Vacuum the interior, have the car washed and waxed, and make sure that the tires are filled full. Have your car checked and tuned up for your safety, and for the safety of your buyer as well. Set up a good price, consult your notes, and negotiate fairly. Try not to put all your cards on the table all at once, make sure that the value which you and your buyer have come up with is fair and reasonable enough.

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