Using Kelley Blue Book RV To Find The Value of a Camper


If you have plans to purchase or sell a recreational vehicle or camper, then it would be ideal if you know the price value of your choice unit or model at hand. Of course, there are a few ways around getting this information accurately, but bear in mind that the varied sources can yield different range of prices; so you may want to take a good look at the present condition of the RV or camper and of course, the kind of market or potential buyers or sellers that are in your area. You can start by going to the public library or local bookstore, or check out automotive stores in your locality and request for the Kelley Blue Book RV and campers.

Get to know the year, make the present physical condition, and the model of your RV or camper. The Kelley Blue Book RV will provide you reasonable price estimates to guide you in purchasing a camper or selling your own.

kelley blue book rv nada gudesYou may not find a lot of help at the Kelley Blue Book website since they don’t cater to campers and recreational vehicles at present. You can also visit to check out the NADA Guides and open the Recreational Vehicles link. From there on you can get extensive information about the RV or camper that you are looking forward to buying or selling. On the other hand, you can also look for updates at newspaper classified ads or Craigslist if you’re always online.

From there on you can check out various models that are similar to what you have in mind. Checking out classified ads and variety online sites are considered to be the least trusted and accurate methods for getting a good price on campers and other vehicles. But these methods could serve as your weather eye on the present market trends.

The Kelley Blue Book RV

kelley blue book rvFor starters, the Kelley Blue Book RV offers you a list of prices, more extensive than a catalog by the way, on the various makes, models, and price ranges of motor homes. The Blue Book has all the information that you need in determining the best price for your choice of a motorhome. The other term for a motorhome is the recreational vehicle or RV. It’s good to know that they come in various forms. There are self-contained RVs that come in a fancy coach style, campers that can be attached to your truck, and those that are chassis-mounted which can be attached to the truck frame.

Choose your design, although most summer campers would choose a coach one. There are standard abbreviations that you need to take note of in order to understand the Blue Book even more. First there’s the basic MH or motorhome design. In this category you can choose from micro mini-motor homes (MMMH), mini-motor homes (MMH), self-contained recreational vehicles (SC), towing vehicles (T), and a van (V).

Find out the number of axles on your choice of a motorhome. This is important when you’re looking for a particular price range in the Kelley Blue Book RV. With the indicated number of axles, you’ll be able to pick out the right models. The Book also groups units through physical measurements like length and width. Look for the correct section in the Book with your specifications to get an accurate price estimate on your choice of a motorhome.

To start with, find the tab ‘Motor Homes’ on the side of the home page. From there you can then search for the right vehicle. For easier access, models and brands are arranged in alphabetical order, from the oldest to the newest ones. They are then broken down with the models that are available. If you are not sure about the make that you are looking for, there are tabs in the Kelley Blue Book for cross-referencing purposes. This particular section has an extensive list of RVs by models, matching them to corresponding manufacturers.kelley blue book rv

To make the best out of your purchase, you may first want to read the little notes of importance information next to each model or make. These notes cover facts such as if a certain model has been discontinued by the manufacturer or if it’s a limited edition RV. Don’t worry, there will also be an extensive list of standard equipment or accoutrements added to enhance a certain motor home’s features. Don’t forget to review all necessary information on the notes about the RV of your choice. To learn more about the trade-in, suggested retail value, private party on the following columns in the home page.

  • Trade in values – price estimate that a dealer would offer you in a high-end transaction
  • Suggested retail prices – expected amounts that you can pay in a dealer or private sale
  • Check the Mileage Schedules, Optional Equipment – these sections pertain to the value of the motor home.

Take note that the extra equipment that is added can increase the price value of an RV. For mileage, you will have to deduct or add to the worth of your RV depending on how much mileage the vehicle has. For RVs and motorhomes, price ranges can be found on the Kelley Blue Book printed editions.

Start with your local store to get your hands on the guide’s latest copy. Here’s a head start, every model of an RV or motor home comes with various floor plans and they are usually indicated through extensive abbreviations. Familiarize yourself by checking out the introduction of the book for the abbreviation guide.


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    looking for a price on a 1995 ford travelmaster motor home . 28 foot . very well kept in side , needs tires every thing works and it has 65 thousand .

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    I need to know the kelley book price for a 2006 Winnebago Sightseer Special Edition 30D with 18900 miles in very good condition

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    Need to know the value of a 24 foot weekend warrior billet toy hauler. It has 5k generator,two a/c, fuel station, 5k axles

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    Need to know the value of a Palimico Puma Travel Trailer 31ft with front kitchen two large slide outs. Never been on the road only from dealer to campground when purchased. Stored in lot at Sevierville campground. In good condition, new tires will need a new awning (fraying due to being out in the weather). Need to sell – don’t get to use much so want to sell.

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    value of 2010 cougar travel trailer, new tires (2500 miles), year old automatic awning, super slide, year-old TV, dvd player-radio, 26 ft, all appliances work, easy tow, 3 ft exstension on back for ice box or boxes, outdoor shower plug in

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