Using Kelley Blue Book to Price a Motor Home

Price a Motor Home

Motorhomes, also called RVs or recreation vehicles, are the perfect automobile to hit the open road on with no plan except traveling around the world with the convenience of having a place to lay your head at the end of the day. Because a motor home is such a versatile and essential travel vehicle, it makes for a very important purchase.

Proper research and gathering of information is required when taking such a big step. Kelley Blue Book is a fantastic place to start when looking into the value of a variety of different motorhomes. You will obtain the knowledge and material necessary to be confident in paying the right price.

The first step on Kelley Blue Book camper1would be determining the make and model of the motorhome you are looking for as there are a ton of different options. Identify the type of RV you need ranging from self-contained coach, bed-mounted truck campers, or chassis-mounted campers. These are just a few examples of how RV types can vary. Selecting a coach design can help narrow down your options and are displayed on Kelley Blue Book by classic abbreviations. A basic motorhome design (MH), mini-motor home (MMH), micro mini-motor home (MMMH), towing vehicle (T), van (V), or self-contained RV (SC) are the main optional types that will be listed.

To aid in selecting the correct model on Kelley Blue Book, be sure to know the number of axles on the motorhome of your choice as well as the weight, length, and width of the vehicle. Tabs listed on the side of the webpage can be used to guide you to the “Motor Homes” section of the website. This is where you can find the value of the motor home.

Each vehicle will be ordered alphabetically based on the manufacturer and then arranged oldest to newest by year. Available models are listed with each section. If you are unaware of the make of the vehicle you can search on Kelley Blue Book by the lists provided which correlate the correct model and manufacturer.

To gather as much material on each motor home as possible be sure to read all the information provided above each listed make and model. Take note of limited edition models, discontinued models, or standard equipment that may be listed that differs from the average vehicles provided by that manufacturer.

To determine the trade-in, private sale, or suggest retail price of a vehicle, observe the information detailed in each column about the selected motorhome.  If you currently own a motorhome you are looking to trade-in that is the value you would look into in order to see what amount you may get when going in for an upgrade. When going through a dealership or private seller, you would look to the retail or private sale price.

Mileage always plays a factor in the value of a vehicle as well as added accessories. The “Mileage Schedules” and “Optional Equipment” areas of the website will help to get a current estimate of what your motor home is worth. High mileage may decrease the value, but extra accessories tend to raise the worth.

While the website provides information for almost all types of vehicles, you can also use the printed versions to gather information on motorhomes and trailers. The most recent copies of Kelley Blue Book can be found at the library or many bookstores. Enlighten yourself with the abbreviation guide given by Kelley Blue Book to make it easier to understand all the information.


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    I am trying to determine the value of a 2018 Gateway motor home. The NADA guide does not list Gateway as a manufacturer. Can you tell me how to determine the value? Thank you.

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    What is the Blue Book price for a Ford E-350, 25ft., 2015 Motor Home Coach? Mileage is 2323. Excellent condition with no leaks, awning is excellent shape, with one pull out for the queen size bed, one TV inside and one TV outside with an excellent radio stereo system.

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