Valuating Toyota Highlander 2014 Before Selling it

Valuating Toyota Highlander 2014 Before Selling it

On 27 of March 2013 the crossover of the third generation Toyota Highlander 2014 was presented at the auto show in new York. The car has received an updated interior and a dynamic appearance.
Brand new look adds sophistication and strength, raising the luxury level for crossovers. The balance of style, comfort and practicality is achieved through the set of standard features, three- row seats in and increased cargo space. It can be made with two types of engines: a four-cylinder V6 engine with a new six-speed transmission and a V6 with hybrid Synergy Drive transmission. Some will find it difficult to maneuver; some may consider it expensive in maintenance. In addition, both points of opinion has the right to exist.

That is in case you have forgot what you have been driving. In case you decided to sell the Highlander (difficult to imagine that you could be tired of driving it as the model is new) be ready to do some homework.

You could sell your car to a used cars dealership or to any individual

Both variants have their pros and cons. The dealer will always try to buy it for a smaller amount of money possible (same as anyone you will say) but bargaining with an experienced  dealer is close to useless. While bargaining with a regular person may be a lot easier.

Prepare yourself and your Toyota for some hassle (some may actually find it interesting or exciting but I personally don’t)  in selling a car. I hope that the vehicle was not damaged and have not visited service station. No need to speak about year or mileage as the model is new.  Do not hide any facts about where and in which conditions it was used.

Get the vehicle shiny and clean as it was on the show room

2014-Toyota-Highlander-SUV-LE-4dr-Front-wheel-Drive-Interior-1No kidding that makes a bigger difference you may think. Clean car from in and out attracts a lot more attention of the potential buyers and makes a better impression about not only vehicle but about the person selling it also.

People will deal with those who respect their right and opinion. The buyers will ask many questions and you should have arguments (not only words) such as documentary confirmation of the fact that you own the vehicle.

Have all the bills from insurance or car station

If you made any add-ons find the documents with the price you paid for them or it may be a painting in different color or some expensive type of paint. Do not raise the value to an abnormal, people know how much the car worth when they decide to buy it. Find out the fair market value of your highlander. To do that you will need to figure out the retail value and the trade in value first. Consult the dealerships and online services like Kelley Blue Book or Nada Guides to find out how much does your car cost. Remember that even if the model is new the fact that you have driven it even a bit reduces the value!

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