What Can Influence the Car Value?

What Can Influence the Car Value?

Very often people think of getting a new car, or selling the old one. There are many reasons for that. We should not get stuck on that. Before buying or selling a vehicle that is being previously used make sure you know all the factors that affect its value.
First of all it is not the secret that the brand makes the difference. When it considers buying or selling a vehicle brand can influence the difference between the value of the new car and the actual car value. A known reliable brand such as Honda or Toyota can slightly decrease in value within a time. Brands that are known for their cheap maintenance and good performance will be valuable no matter year of manufacture.

2011_Honda_Civic_coupe_--_09-28-2011Speaking of the year of manufacturing it should be also considered when valuating a vehicle. The older the car the- more possible problems may take place and the longer history is the more possible accidents and repairs. Plus the mileage does not go backwards. Most people consider mileage to be the main factor-affecting price.

For some drivers the color may mean a lot. In addition, I agree that it is important enough. Nevertheless, the type of paint affects the value a bit more.

Any add-ons such as navigator or fancy wheels or an expensive stereo system will add some bills to a price tag. Very simple-more you put into the car the more it may cost.  But that sometimes that may scare off the potential buyer as not every person is looking for add-ons, as they might be short for money.

custom-car-audio-systemsThe important feature is  overall condition of the vehicle. A good condition adds a lot to the price tag (maybe even more than any add-ons). By that, I also mean that the car should be clean including wheels and windshields, the engine should be clean. There shouldn’t be anything inappropriate in the trunk or inside the car. It has been proved that the appearance of the car attracts the attention of the buyer sometimes even more than anything else. That is due to the fact that people are attracted to an appearance in the beginning and later on everything else.

In addition, the region where the whole story takes place or the buyer wants to use the car makes a difference. The same goes to the season of the year.

Almost forgot that size and type of the car really matters (coach, pickup truck or minivan or other) larger cars most of the time are more expensive and more fuel-consumptive. (that does not goes to super cars)

Those are pretty much the main features for people to consider before buying the car. There could be other reasons but they might be less common or simply personal.

Keep all those factors in mind and possibly more, go ahead, and find out the value of the vehicle you want to sell (buy). For additional help visit Kelley Blue book or Nada Guides websites, that specialize on car valuation. Of course, the last word is yours but it may guide you the right direction.

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