What to Do With Your Used Vehicle if You Found a New One?

What to do With Your Used Vehicle if You Found a New One?

There are not so many people that spent their lives, driving the one exactly same car. Of course, some individuals use one particular vehicle for a long time. I have known a man who has been driving his Volkswagen for almost 30 years! That is the matter of habit in my opinion.

Most people drive one car until it becomes a real pain in neck or until they find something more suitable. But there is sometimes a dilemma to sell or to trade your car. It is a very tough and individual question. Both ways can be successful, depending on situation.

Selling your vehicle is exactly what you need if you don’t want to spend time on getting prepared to sell it (I mean placing an advertisements on many sources and meeting all the potential buyers, telling them the same things again and again, going to mechanic with some of them and etc.) Plus there is always a possibility to get the car that worth more than yours. Also some lots do not mind your vehicle condition.

4685500014_largeWhen negotiating don’t mention the value of the car you are going to trade for, focus on a car you brought to them.

To get the reasonable price get your car completely ready (clean and shiny). Make sure you know what your vehicle is worth. Use Kelley blue book online service. Set all the features of your car (year, make , model , mileage) and use the result as your starting value when negotiating with the dealer. Sometimes it might be easier to trade to an individual, as he might be agreeable. But beware of scammers or any criminals in that case! It is a possibility for them to rob you by taking your car without giving you anything.  To prevent that it is always a good idea to have someone else with you and try not to meet in any suspicious places. One of my neighbors made a trade deal with his coworker. The same evening the car was caught on fire! Luckily, it was not big and there was no even damage. Nevertheless, when everything seemed to settle down it appeared that the doors wouldn’t open! My neighbor called the previous owner and told him everything. He asked for trading back, but received the answer that the only way it is going to happen is right after my neighbor pays to fix the central blocking system! And he had to do it, as he couldn’t prove that it was not his fault! The story teaches that even if a coworker sometimes may deceive you, a complete stranger would not think about it twice either.

FordCarWash_01Inspect all the characteristics of the car if trading with individual. Selling your car takes more time and a lot more preparations, but in the end it might be more profitable. Almost forgot that there are some differences in  laws in various states considering the taxes when you sell or trade a vehicle. Search through them attentively before you make a decision. As you see both selling and trading your car can be useful. It is all matter of your preference and circumstances.

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