Yoga for Driving; The Facts You Didn’t Know

Yoga for Driving; The Facts You Didn’t Know. driving a car

Yoga is an age-old practice that has its roots from Asian countries and especially India and China. This practice has evolved into a culture that has continued to be adopted by other cultures around the world. The essence of yoga is to connect your body and mind into the spiritual realm to aid in relation, fitness, and overall happiness. It helps in enhancing an individual’s awareness through concentration and controlled and purposeful breathing. Breathing and concentration are combined with physical movements and stretching to bring about a wholesome experience.

So, how does yoga help in improving your driving and keeping you in a state of good health? The back pain related website has some insights on this, you should know.

Breath Control

Yoga, as mentioned earlier, involves both your body and your mind. Driving, though not a demanding physical activity also requires your energy and your mind. When you do yoga, you strengthen your muscles and relax your mind. Stretching and controlled breathing helps increase the flow of oxygen into your brain and muscles. A relaxed body and a focused mind is an ideal state of driving.

Yoga for Driving; The Facts You Didn’t Know. a man driving a car

Regulates blood flow

Yoga involves both physical and mental exercises. These are necessary to regulate the flow of blood in your body. When driving, your body is at a sedentary state where the proper flow of blood is limited. Your legs especially receive the least amount hence the numbness that you sometimes experience after driving for a while

Assume body postures

Driving frequently will involve spending a lot of time sitting down. Prolonged sitting usually has a serious effect on your spine hence the back and neck pains. Thanks to yoga, there are some yoga asanas that you can perform to improve on your posture and to relieve yourself of those pains. You need just a mat and some little space to perform the movements at the comfort of your house. When you are on a long journey, you can even do these exercises at a stopover just to rejuvenate your body.

Seated Twist

Often, we use our side view mirrors to check oncoming traffic in order to change lanes. There are intersections though, that these mirrors won’t be of much help. In such a situation, we have to twist a bit to check on any oncoming traffic on the blind side. You can take such an opportunity to stretch your back and shoulder blades as you check your blind spots.

Yoga for Driving; The Facts You Didn’t Know. a woman driver

Stretch Your Calves and Hamstrings

When you find yourself in a traffic jam, don’t just lump your body and zone off as you wait for the traffic to ease. Stretch your calves and hamstrings. You can do that while sitting. Engage the car on hand or foot brake so that it doesn’t move, then step on your toes on the floor of your vehicle and try pulling your knees up. To stretch your hamstrings, raise your legs forward and place them on your dashboard then stretch for some seconds.

Seated Cat/Cow

This is another good yoga movement you can perform to keep yourself relaxed while in traffic. This movement requires that you hold your steering wheel with both arms and at the same level then straighten your back. You can push your shoulders behind a little, take a deep breath, then release it. Repeat this several times and you will feel quite some difference.

Simple Breathing in and Out

Simple breathing in and out is a good yoga exercise you can do while seated in your car. It would, however, have much more effect if you step out and just let your body free as you take in gulps of clean air. Doing it in your car may have less than the desired effect due to the heavy air inside your car.

Yoga for Driving; The Facts You Didn’t Know. Man driving a car

Maintain Silence

A quiet environment is essential for meditation and reflection. You can also do this in your car to try and clear your mind. Switch off any music and just focus on the journey ahead. If you are alone in the car, the better since no one will distract you. Such concentration helps to stimulate your mind and it is good for your mental health.

These are just but a few yoga practices and benefits that are good for you if you drive a lot. Mind you, you can practice yoga alone or with a personal coach.

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